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Handspun Scarf

This scarf is part of a four piece collection of handspun, handknitted garments. 

I was lucky enough to meet a woman at a garage sale who bred a rare bread of angora goats on the East Cape of Aotearoa, New Zealand. It came at the perfect time as I had just been gifted a spinning wheel and was learning to spin my own yarn. I have absolutely loved learning to spin, and using this rare mohair fleece has been a dream come true. 

These pieces I have created are made from the yarn I have spun up from the fleeces of the angora goats. I don't think any of my handspun, handknitted garment will ever be the same as I learn more about how to master the wheel, which makes every piece incredibly unique.

I have always wanted to be as transparent as I possibly can about how my garments are made. Now I can point out exactly what goat each fleece has come from, and explain every step of how each garment has been made.

This scarf is made with mohair from the East Cape of Aotearoa, and thin wool. There is a some lace knitted in to the scarf.

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Handspun mohair, plied with either thin white wool, grey commercial mohair, or black boulce. The thin white yarn is wool. A small bit of lace has been weaved into the knit.


One size fits all.

Care Instructions

This knit can be hung or folded.
We recommend washing your knit only when absolutely necessary. Please wash it by hand and in cold water to avoid shrinking.
When drying, lie flat on a towel, preferably out of the sun.