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Daa Vest

The Daa Vest is named after my koro. A man filled with lots of smiles and exaggerated stories.

This vest is a one off. It is made in black and is cropped.

100% New Zealand grown, spun, and died wool.

Model is size 10 and 177cm tall.

Made in Aotearoa.

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Made from 100% pure un-dyed New Zealand Wool


Model is size 10 and 177m tall.

Care Instructions

Hand wash in body temperature water. Please wash only when absolutely necessary as the natural qualities of wool allow fibre and body to breathe.

Do not hang it when drying and do not tumble dry. Lie it on a flat towel and leave to dry in a warm room, preferably not in direct sunlight. It is best to find a place where the towel can lie flat and air can circulate both under and over the knit, such as a clothes horse.